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Et recoudre le soleil
Gaëlle Josse

Gaëlle Josse first came to writing through poetry. She now has a bountiful body of novelistic work and faithful readers who look forward impatiently to each new book, but poetry has never ceased to be a part of her life. Always traveling, always leaving, at readings in bookstores and festivals, at writing workshops and residencies, high school and libraries, she writes, tirelessly. Today, she shares the gift of that private harvest, those scattered notes, snatched from the moment, those words that accompany her each day.

Hers is a poetry of the present. She casts her eye on the quotidian all around us, the fleeting, ephemeral, fragile moments that speak to the essential. They are spare, sleek instants that dive straight to the heart of each emotion, be it melancholy, loneliness or amazement. Her simple words go straight to the heart of things, with the art of celebrating the moment, of allowing herself to be touched by beauty. Hers is a vagabond, sensitive poetry composed of sensations, emotions and an inner music that resonates with the world around her.

'I wrote these texts in train stations, hotels, cafés, at home, in the Metro, in town and elsewhere. Today I want to share this harvest of words gathered day after day, whether they were found in storms or in joy. But alive. Yes, alive, and lively, always.' Gaëlle Josse

Et recoudre le soleil -
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  • Publication date : 10/02/2022
  • Size : 12,5 x 17 cm, 96 p., 10,00 EUR €
  • ISBN 978-2-88250-724-2
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